Laying the foundations for the future of our country. Leaders in delivering commercial groundwork and brickwork.

Our Vision

We take pride in the work we deliver and all out staff contribute to every project we deliver. Our priorities remain firm in client satisfaction and quality, we continue to build our firm on these principals and strive to assert ourselves the leading player in the midlands, delivering works nationwide. 


Our Story

Beginning with humble roots, the company formed from a family business into a major player in the construction field. They initially carried out sub-contractual works for larger entities until establishing themselves as renowned reputation from the quality of their work. 

They continued to grow and deliver with excellence until winning major governmental and private sector work contracts.


Our Charity

We believe it’s important to give back to the world when achieving success. Thats why when a small village in sub-saharan Africa was brought to our attention, where the villagers would travel miles to collect buckets of clean water for themselves, we decided to use our knowledge of groundworks to help.

We mobilised groundworks contractors to construct a well local to the villagers to access water. 

After months of work, we were able to build a fully functioning water well providing the village with clean and safe water for 3 families to benefit from.

Three Peaks

DJ Swallow staff completing the Three Peaks challenge for a charitable cause. They raised funds for Blood Cancer UK and spent a whole weekend hiking and trekking the UK’s three largest mountains.